GR 8.1 | Stage 05: Ejulve – Villarluengo

The GR 8.1 leaves towards Villarluengo along the Calle Baja del caserío, in the direction of the A-1702. It crosses it and connects with a path under the road that runs along the side of the Gimeno valley. When you reach a side ravine, cross the valley and go up a path towards the corrales de la Hiedra. It crowns a high point and descends to the other side towards the Cirujada corrals. It comes out at a crossroads where it continues along the trail that borders the Planillo hill, to leave it further on and go down the path to the ruined farmhouse of Las Monjas. Cross the road and continue along the path, which ends further on at the Los Barrancos trail.

Follow this wide trail and turn off onto the trail that runs along the crest of the ridge to almost the repeater, where a path descends to the trail and connects with the main trail to Los Barrancos. Leave the access to the tourist complex of the farmhouse and, without leaving the track, continue to the detour that goes to the Vado bridge. Immediately the road becomes a path that descends through pine forests to the bridge over the Guadalope, crosses it and continues along the riverside track until the detour of the track that progresses along the river Cañada and ends at the bridge of the Villa. From here, a trail climbs in loops to the Villarluengo pass, where it takes a path that ends in the town.

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