PR – TE 66: Medieval bridges and Pozo del Invierno (Well of Winter)

From Villarluengo the itinerary starts on the Pileta road, crosses the crossroads and descends to a fork in the road. Below the “Balcón de los Forasteros” you will reach the Pozo del Invierno, a rocky strait with numerous waterfalls and pools of water. A visit to the La Sulsida and La Zarzina wells is recommended. It will be necessary to cross the river with caution to observe the Pozo del Invierno from the right bank. On this side of the river you can see the Cueva del Ciscar, the Masico Casquete and the old Central. Further on, it links up with the BTT route Nº 9 and reaches the La Hoya Bridge, at the confluence of the Cañada and Palomita rivers. The ascent takes place next to the mill and bridge of the same name and links up again with the path to the Torre Gorgue, completing a beautiful circular tour of the Villarluengo area.

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