PR – TE 81 | PR – TE 10: Viewpoint and straits of Vallore

The trail begins in the recreational area of “Las Eras” in Montoro de Mezquita where there are several information panels about the town and its surroundings. From here the ascent begins, first gently, then more demanding. Be careful when you reach the rocky stratum, through which the path runs. When you reach the viewpoint there is a spectacular view of the Guadalope straits: Valloré, Boca Infierno, Muela del Gabardal and Hoz Mala. Also during the ascent the views of the surroundings of Montoro de Mezquita are stupendous. Up to this point you have traveled 1.5 kms and it takes approximately one hour.

You can descend from the viewpoint and reach the valley and, from there, the path approaches the Guadalope River, and you can reach the second strait, still impracticable, and from where the return to the municipality by the PR TE 10 begins. This trail enters the Valloré strait through 200 meters of footbridges that facilitate the visit to this magnificent place. When leaving the strait you can see the pools where people bathed in the past and the dam that diverted the water. The path ascends to the main road where you return to the starting point.

You can continue downstream to link with the path and viewpoint of the Strait of Mas del Arco or the PR-TE 9 towards the hermitage of San Pedro.

This route is a mountain route along trails and rock steps, which, although equipped with safety cables and handholds, may present certain dangers that the hiker should be aware of, such as possible rock falls, sections not suitable for people with vertigo or fear of heights, and risk of flooding.

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