PR-TE 88 Villarluengo – Tour of the hermitages and the convent of Montesanto

Villarluengo is a municipality with a special charm for being very marked by the Guadalope River, which leaves a rugged environment, surrounded by mountains and ravines that overwhelm. With this route through the hermitages and convent of Montesanto, you will discover the religious heritage as well as the beautiful environment that surrounds them.

Next to the Villarluengo trail panel (GR 8.1) continue along the road towards Ejulve (110m). To the left begins the path of the pilgrimage to San Pedro de la Roqueta (PR-TE 9) that goes first to the hermitage of San Cristóbal. Once there, we leave the pilgrimage road and ascend along a cattle track to the remains of the Monte Santo convent. There, along with the ruins, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery over the town of Villarluengo.

A dirt track leaves us next to the tourist establishment of the Torre del Monte Santo (fortified farmhouse). Cross the GR 8.1 to Pitarque and continue ascending along a path between stone walls. Next to a sharp bend begins a steep descent that leaves us back on another forest track (some stairs help us to progress, extreme caution). Finally, the route leaves the hermitage of San Bartolomé on the right (140m) and returns to Villarluengo.

If in addition to the hermitages and the convent of Montesanto de Villarluengo you want to know more about the nature and heritage of Villarluengo, click on the following link.


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