PR – TE 9: Vulture’s eye view (Villarluengo – Montoro de Mezquita – Pitarque)

The PR-TE 9 trail follows the old pilgrimage path from Villarluengo, Pitarque or Montoro de Mezquita to the hermitage of San Pedro de la Roqueta, perched on a rocky spur in an almost inaccessible place, far from the current development. The GR 8.1 complements the circular route between these towns, which can be done in 2 or 3 hiking days. The route takes us to other places of great natural interest, such as the Natural Monument of the Source of the Pitarque River or the Guadalope Narrows in Montoro. It is not difficult to observe groups of Hispanic goats or the calm flight of numerous birds of prey flying through the skies of Maestrazgo.

From Villarluengo follow the GR 8.1 along the Ciscar spring to the Villarluengo pass (A-1702). We then descend to the Hostal de la Trucha to begin the ascent to the Muela Mala. On the descent to the hermitage of San Pedro de la Roqueta are the crosses where legend has it that the first 7 pilgrims perished on their way. Once at the hermitage, it is advisable to stop for a rest stop. The descent to Montoro is made by a beautiful cobblestone road. Another attractive option is to visit the Valloré strait and viewpoint, ideal for a family excursion.

From Montoro the PR-TE 9 follows a forest track to the Muela de Peñarroya (where there are cave paintings of Levantine art). The trail crosses several abandoned farmhouses and, finally, starts a steep descent towards Pitarque. It is highly recommended to continue the excursion to visit the Natural Monument of the Source of the Pitarque River.

Finally, the GR 8.1 trail connects the towns of Pitarque and Villarluengo. This closes the circular crossing, lengthening the route by 7.3 km and the time required to cover them.

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