Casa Grande (now Hospedería de Allepuz)

Located in the upper part of the town, it is the most ambitious construction in Allepuz, apart from the parish church. It is a large building, with four floors to the south and three on the eastern façade. It is built in ashlar masonry and exposed masonry.
The palace is today a guest house within the Hospedería Network of Aragon. In the Maestrazgo region there is another inn belonging to this network located in the Casa Matutano Daudén, in La Iglesuela del Cid.
The access door is located on the east façade. Above it are linteled windows framed in ashlar and, higher up, the façade is crowned by a stone cornice with moldings. On the south façade there is a three semicircular arched balcony that opens on the upper floor.
Inside the building, the hallway, with its pebbled floor, allows access to the upper floor through a narrow lateral staircase that extends onto a balcony. In the basement, huge rooms covered with barrel vaults sheltered the animals.