Castle and wall of Cantavieja

The town and castle of Cantavieja sit on a rocky ridge offering a spectacular strategic view of this area of Maestrazgo.

The fortified complex has a triangular and very elongated floor plan and, although the castle suffered significant damage during the Carlist Wars In the 19th century, there are still extensive canvases of the outer enclosure formed by the masonry walls where rectangular buttresses and turrets can be seen, as well as some loopholes for rifles.

At the end are the remains of a circular tower built in the 19th century on the base of a medieval rectangular tower. It was used as a hermitage until a few years ago under the invocation of Calvario. On the side facing the town there is a wall that closes the courtyard of the castle with the access gate. All this was built in the 19th century. The interior has been razed to the ground and there are only fourteen peirons with the Stations of the Cross.

The old town of Cantavieja was enclosed by walls in the parts where the ravine did not act as a natural wall. The interior was accessed through three doorways. Remains of this wall can still be seen, especially from the last Carlist War, in the houses of the Plaza España or Arrabal, where some loopholes can be seen in two facades, and in the street Portal de Mirambel, where one of the access doors to the Villa was, which has a section of restored loopholes.

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