Church of the Assumption

The church of the Assumption was built according to the model of the basilica of El Pilar, like other temples in the Maestrazgo region, such as the Church of Allepuz and the Church of Cañada de BenatanduzIt is one of the largest parishes in the Province of Teruel. In the same location was the old Gothic parish church, of which only the three pointed arches of the portico and a small doorway at the foot of the present church remain.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the old medieval church was destroyed to build another one. Only the tower and the side doorway, which today is the main entrance, are preserved and integrated into the present-day church. The baroque temple was built between 1730 and 1745, according to a project by Antonio Nadal.

It suffered the consequences of the Civil War, during which most of its sumptuous altarpieces were destroyed, leaving only photographic evidence. Although the mural paintings and some fragments of altarpieces were saved. Some of these chapels belonged to the noble families of the region, such as the Osset family, whose heraldry is preserved in the mouth of one of them.