Grammar School

The building of the former Grammar School is located in the Plaza del Aula, whose name evokes precisely that school. Today it houses the Day Center for the Elderly.

The origin of the Cantavieja Grammar School dates back to the 16th century. Some data are known about the history of the Cantavieja Grammar School in the eighteenth century, such as the number of students, the type of preceptors who taught, the salary they received and the cost for each student to attend the classes, as well as references on the educational method.

There were other schools in the area, but the one in Cantavieja became the most important, prestigious and stable. According to what they said about this school: “the oldest in the district of Alcañiz, and even in the kingdom of Aragon; with the exception of the capital, no other school was known from the city of Valencia to the city of Zaragoza“. At its peak it had three hundred boys between the ages of ten and fifteen.

One of the masters of this school was Braulio Foz, author of La vida de Pedro Saputo, born in Fórnoles in 1791. He remained at the center for several years from 1816, during which time he wrote his work Dirección de los estudios públicos de humanidades, a compendium of solutions and answers to improve teaching.

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