Museum of the Carlist Wars

The museum is housed in a 17th century house on the main street of Cantavieja, which leads to the impressive main square. From there we propose a journey through time to discover those mountains that in the nineteenth century jumped to the forefront of the news as a stronghold of the Carlist insurgency.

The 19th century was a century of conflicts for the towns of the region. Cantavieja becomes the capital of Carlism and from its medieval walls General Cabrera will be forming a strong army. The myth of Cabrera spreads like wildfire from these mountains and his reputation as a fierce fighter makes him “The Tiger of Maestrazgo”.

In the museum there is a model of the capture of Mirambel, a cannon cast in Cantavieja, an exact replica of the original, engravings of the main forts, and illustrations and caricatures from the press of the time, travel and biographical books, etc. In addition, there is a documentation center related to the civil wars of the 19th century.