Castellote Washing Places

The old washhouse of the locality, located in the high streets, is accessed by a stairway on the right side. It consists of a polygonal pile topped with eaves, attached to a stone wall on one of its short sides. The basin is divided into two parts by a small interior wall that allows the passage of water from one to the other. The water arrives through a channel that takes the water from the fountain to the washhouse. Above the laundry room there is a metal bar that is supported by several pillars and is used for hanging clothes.

In the new part of town there is a newer and larger laundry room. It is an L-shaped building accessed through two doors, one at each end. It is open on the inside with semicircular arches to facilitate the entrance of light. It has two pools, one for washing and a larger one for rinsing.

At present, both washhouses have been restored and are no longer in use.