Interpretation center of the Templar tower

The Templars who populated these lands, their legend and their sad end can be known in the Templar Tower. The center is located in a former watchtower to support the defense of the castle. From there it was possible to control the Muslim outposts that arrived along the Guadalope River. After this defensive use, it also served as a prison until 1950. It is a very interesting building because it maintains many architectural components that characterize both functions.

Castellote was a stronghold of the Templar Order and in its castle, as in that of Cantavieja, the knights and villagers resisted more than could be expected to the onslaught of King James II. The origins of the villages of the region are closely linked to the management and occupation of these lands by the Temple.

In the tower we can find the last Templar commander telling us about the siege of the castle of Castellote. Also a book with the rule of the order, the model of the castle and a bibliographic collection to learn more about who they were, how they lived and why the Templar monks disappeared.