Las Planas Laundry

The Las Planas washhouse is located very close to the village, on the other side of the road bridge. It is accessed by going down a paved staircase.

The complex is enclosed on three sides and roofed on one slope, with a pillar that helps to support the roof on the open side. The water enters to fill the two pools that make up the washhouse, the washing and rinsing pools, which are connected by a small channel. The surplus flows to an external pond which, in turn, drains to one side.

In the middle of the pools, another pillar rises up to a height of a couple of meters. On it rests a round wood that crosses from end to end of the laundry room, from which hang some irons that hold another trunk that was used to put the clothes to drain and dry.

The laundry room is quite well preserved thanks also to the fact that the neighbors restored it when the lottery came up in 1983. Washing slabs are rough, with no apparent pattern.