Dos Torres de Mercader Washhouse

The washhouse of Dos Torres de Mercader is known by the neighbors of the village as El Chorroand has hardly been modified. In the early 1950s, a gutter was installed so that the soap would not run directly into the wash water, especially since the basin was sometimes clogged and the water would not flow down. It has two pools, the first one for rinsing and the second one for washing.

The timbers on which the clothes are drained have been changed as they have aged. In the early 1970s there were some changes of other wood, including those on the wall of the sink, which were used to leave the wicker baskets on top and put the dishes to drain. The watering trough outside has always been and was used by the horses.

A curious thing about this washhouse is that the clothes of the sick were not washed. Next to the ravine there was a small raft with some stone slabs to wash it there, known as the balsa del Lavador. That raft is still there, but it is hidden by brambles.