Llovedor Hermitage

It is located on the north face of the rock where the castle sits, under a spring of water that gives it its name.

Hermitage very remarkable for its enclave, of great scenic interest. It has a single nave with a single bay covered by a flat roof. Both the presbytery and the sacristy are sheltered in a cleft in the rock.

This hermitage is the protagonist of a pilgrimage that has been celebrated in Castellote since ancient times. On May 1, the men of Castellote go on a pilgrimage to the same, where they attend mass, the assembly of members and eat in the surroundings. They return in the afternoon, but making a detour through Pocico de San Juan, where they have a snack, arriving at the town at dusk, with a torchlight parade, meeting of banners, etc., in a ritual that is repeated year after year. Women also go on pilgrimage on the Saturday closest to the celebration of Pentecost.

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