Luco de Bordón Laundry

The washing place of Luco de Bordón is located before entering the village, and it is accessed by a path, partly paved, that goes down to the left, next to a light tower. It is a space enclosed on three sides and covered by a one-slope roof. Consists of a single large pool with a rough edge for washing and scrubbing clothes, and has some square timbers, the two iron bars hanging over the pool are attached to the roof, which were used for wring out the clothes and not return home with such a burden.

The washhouse is believed to be from the 19th century, but it is difficult to determine. Upon entering on the right there is a kind of “dishwasher” with two pools where there is a water circuit that was apparently used to clean guts in the slaughter. The water enters the two pools through the same place, but it could be regulated by placing a cork (cork or wood) at the entrance of the water so that it would go to the first pool or, through a small channel on the edge of the first one, to the second pool.

Water from the sinks enters from below, through the floor, like communicating vessels, when it usually enters from above.

The neighbors, who try to take care of their heritage, have fixed up the road a bit, covering part of it with stone slabs.