Noble houses in Castellote

Don José’s house was extensively renovated in the early 19th century in neoclassical style. Also, like Planas house, it has a monumental staircase, covered with a dome decorated with biblical and symbolic figures. The building has three floors and two corner facades. Both facades have semicircular arched doorways and, on the upper floors, they have large balconies with railings corresponding to the 19th century renovation, supported by very protruding moldings, one of which has a circular shape. On the third floor, circular openings, like an oculus, replace the typical gallery of Aragonese palaces. A sundial is preserved in one corner of the façade.

Pepetas House

Three-story building located in front of Don José’s house. It has three floors with a wealth of ironwork in its openings, almost all from the 19th century. The south and east facades correspond to a neoclassical reform, with half-round eaves and neo-Gothic facade, but the north facade retains the previous structure of the seventeenth century, with its variety of holes and its large semicircular ashlar facade on double molding imposts.

Casa Plana

Large building with a three-story façade, ashlar lintel doorway, wide openings with railings on the first floor and balconies topped by a molded entablature on the main floor. The attic opens to the exterior through a series of rectangular openings. The facade is decorated with colorful stuccoes under a wooden eave.

Gordiano House

It is a large building, attached by party walls to adjacent buildings. Its façade, typical of the Aragonese Renaissance, is composed of a semicircular arched façade with a main floor of linteled openings and, above it, the characteristic gallery of semicircular brick arches, doubled, with a continuous impost. The facade is topped by a double wooden eave. The preservation of the lime plaster throughout the facade brings it quite close to its original appearance.

However, the first floor and the second floor have been greatly transformed by the opening of openings of different sizes.