Virgen del Agua Church

It is a church with an irregular floor plan, due to the enlargement it underwent in the 20th century. Built in masonry and ashlar (facade), the most outstanding elements of its exterior are the tower of two bodies located at the foot of the church and, especially, the baroque doorway, in semicircular arch, on which opens a niche topped by a pediment; both holes are flanked by flamboyant Solomonic columns exempt on high bases.

The interior houses the Romanesque carving of the Virgin of the Water, who “appeared” in El Llovedor in 1179. During the civil war she was hidden as she was kept, with wig and cloak. As the child’s head was broken, they put a baroque angeloid head on it. In 2011 the Virgin’s mantle and wig were removed and the child was restored in accordance with the Romanesque carving.