Arellano House Cuevas de Cañart

Located in the main square of the town, in front of the church façade, it is a large, rectangular, two-story building. It is made of rammed earth, although its openings are framed by pieces of stonework.

The façade is divided into two sections by an impost with a certain relief, both with a symmetrical composition.

On the first floor there is a door with a semicircular arch and linteled windows. The upper one has balconies flanked by fluted and molded pilasters of classicist character. Above them, separating them from the eaves, there is a stepped molding and a border decorated with 32 different types of ceramics. The overhanging eaves are made of wood.

Inside the house, the lantern over the stairwell, with a coat of arms painted on the ceiling, stands out. The rear of the building, facing south, is very open and divided into patios and galleries.

Built in the 19th century as a house, the building was restored and converted into a hotel.