Convent of the Franciscan Conceptionists

The initiative for the foundation of the convent of the Franciscan Conceptionists is due to Domingo Bellido, commissioner of the Holy Office of the Inquisition and native of Cuevas de Cañart, who disposed in his last will and testament, on July 26, 1662, that all his property, sites, and census were to be used in the foundation of a Convent of Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in that town, which was to be subject to the Archbishop of Zaragoza. The founder of the convent, Delfina de Jesús, belonged to the Montesanto Convent whose ruins can be visited in Villarluengo. The work was completed in 1670.

Access to the complex is through a doorway with an open door in a semicircular arch, above which is a niche flanked by two oculi, all under an overhanging tile eave. This doorway gives access to a distribution passage from which one can access both the church and the convent rooms.

The convent buildings are located to the south and west, towards the orchard; the most interesting façade of the convent complex is developed in this direction. The great cloistered body of three heights, built in masonry and rammed earth, stands out. It is flanked by two prismatic towers with lattices in its upper body.