Hermitage of San Blas de Cuevas de Cañart

It was probably renovated after a lightning strike in 1648 (as can be deduced from the inscription on an ashlar on its façade), decorating its interior with stucco and sgraffito representing birds, scrolls, grotesques, etc. in a style very similar to the one we can see at the hermitage of Los Pueyosalso from Las Cuevas de Cañart.

It has been recently restored and today houses an interpretation center and information point. Of the first building, probably of medieval origin, only the wall where the present door is located remains.

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Comarca del Maestrazgo • C/ Las Tres Baylias • 44140 Cantavieja (Teruel)
Phone: 964 185 242 turismo@comarcamaestrazgo.org