Refrigerator and medieval tombs


The Las Cuevas de Cañart snowfield is a little more than 1 km from the village, in a place of difficult access, overcoming an altitude difference of 200 meters, which undoubtedly sought a location more favorable to the presence of abundant snowfall.

It was restored some years ago and its conservation is quite good although it does not have the complete dome.

The isolation of the site could lead one to think of a deposit for exclusive local self-consumption, but its capacity, the proximity of some neighborhoods of Castellote and the easy access to the town of Molinos, located only 6 km from the well, allow its possible consideration as a snow storage area.

Medieval tombs

Above the cascade of the well of San Juan is a small necropolis of tombs excavated in the rock. A group of tombs possibly of medieval origin arranged in the surrounding rocks.


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