El Cid Castle

The castle may have been founded in the Muslim period, from where the name that links it to the conquests of the Cid in the twelfth century would come from.

Its first documentary mention, however, dates back to 1194, in the donation of


to the Order of the Holy Redeemer, following the common practice of donating lands in the newly conquered territory to the military orders that had cooperated with the king. It then passed, successively, to the Temple and the Hospital, first to Cantavieja and then to Aliaga.

It remained in the possession of the Order of the Hospital until the 19th century. In this century, the castle was occupied by the Carlist troops and was the scene of skirmishes with the liberals.

It is located in an extremely elevated and difficult to access place, north of


overlooking the Rambla de Malburgo. It is a castle of small dimensions and irregular trapezoidal plan that adapts to the terrain where it was erected.

On its south side there is a 30-meter long wall that descends the slope in steps. The three towers with an ultra-semicircular plan, open towards the interior, stand out in this wall. The place where it is located, its intricate access and the terrain it controls from there is impressive.

It can be accessed through the trail that starts from Puerto
PR-TE 73
that starts from the Puerto de Cuarto Pelado and from which there are 7 kilometers, or from the GR 8.1 that joins Cañada de Benatanduz with Fortanete, where the access detour to the castle is located.