Fortanete Castle

The castle consists of a tower located at the top of the hill plus a walled enclosure, with a plan close to a triangle. One of the walls runs to the east of the castle, another to the west and the third in the lower part of the mound, very close to the town.

The main tower is of small dimensions and rectangular plan, and masonry work, which has lost the top.

The interior is distributed in two rooms separated by a wall. In the largest one, there are remains of the entrance door facing the town, a door that has suffered the plundering of the ashlars that would make up the access.

In the smaller space you can see the defensive arrow slits framed in ashlar, built during the Carlist sieges.

From the castle there are two descending walls, to the west and east, to the foot of the hill. The walls are protected at the ends by towers, with masonry work.

The southwest wall is relatively well preserved, with a height of more than four meters at some points.

The northeastern wall is in a worse state of preservation, with practically no height; possibly its rigging was used for other constructions in the locality.

The tower located at the end of this wall was transformed into a dwelling, although its walls still have loopholes.

These towers were joined by a small enclosure of which few remains are visible today, embedded in constructions, integrated in housing or its walls used as corrals or as terraces for vegetable gardens.