Fortanete noble houses

Fortanete is dotted with large houses of good stone, but two of them stand out, the Casa de los Aragonés and the Casa Tonda.

The Aragonés’ house(current Loras House)

The Aragonés House, currently owned by the Loras family, is a corner building on an irregular plot of land, three stories high with high overhanging wooden eaves. It preserves a doorway with a semicircular arch of ashlar masonry on which is placed the coat of arms of the Aragonés family, composed of a lion rampant trampling three fleurs-de-lis. It also has a balcony in Renaissance style between two adjoining pilasters, entablature and split pediment. Architrave with three decorations in the form of a classic triglyph and dice molding.

The eaves of the main façade are supported by wooden corbels decorated with a grooved ribbon and radial spheres on the lower face, while on the right façade the corbels are decorated with a vegetal decoration that occupies almost two thirds of its surface.

Tonda House

The Tonda House, although not in good condition, stands out for its volume, for some details of the facade, the eaves. In its interior it conserves details of interest, such as the remains of a chapel and a coffered ceiling.


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