Aliaga House Iglesuela del Cid

The Aliaga House in La Iglesuela is one of the most powerful tourist attractions in Maestrazgo. It can be visited practically as it was left by its last tenant, Conchita Martí, before it became the property of the Town Council of La Iglesuela..

Large palatial building located on a corner, with exposed masonry and ashlar construction elements. It consists of a first floor, two floors and an Aragonese gallery of semicircular arches and is topped by a large double-flight wooden eave, highly decorated with vegetal and geometric motifs. The doorway is a semicircular arch with large voussoirs, flanked by linteled windows with ashlars.

In the corner of the palace, under the eaves, a male figurine can be seen embedded in the wall, seated with his elbows resting on his knees and his hands on the sides of his face, as if holding the weight of the wood. On the corner of the Guijarro house across the street, there is a similar figure; in this case it is a head, mockingly peeking out from under the eaves. According to popular tradition, the figure of the Aliaga house was placed to make fun of the

Guijarro House


It is worth a closer look inside, with luxurious rooms, finely decorated and filled with personal belongings of the last owners. Living rooms, bedrooms, an office, the kitchen, the stables, the floors… The whole atmosphere will help you go back to the 16th century.