Blinque House Iglesuela del Cid

Located in front of the front of the parish church, and annexed to the Town Hall, is this palace, whose facade is protected by a large portico.

The portico is supported by a single column, very slender and of octagonal section, topped by a curious reused capital, on which two coats of arms are carved.the one at the front is a castle with three towerswhile at the rear there is a shield divided into four areas alternating with a flag. On this decoration the date 1729 was added, which would be the year in which the column was placed.

The facade, of plastered masonry, has two stone oculi in the semi-basement and windows and balconies with wrought iron grilles of Plateresque character. The rear façade is larger, with three stories, galleries and a prominent wooden eave.

It is said that this was the house occupied by King Carlos on his visit to Maestrazgo during the First Carlist War and, later, General Espartero also stayed here. And it is not trivial, its interior is sumptuous, with a rich decoration based on stuccoes, ceramics, etc., and it also has a private chapel.