Church of the Purification

The present parish church is a work of the seventeenth century built on an earlier Gothic church. Of that primitive Gothic church, only the starred ribbed vaults of the central nave and the polygonal apse remain. Now it is at the foot of the building, since the current baroque chancel was built by inverting the orientation of the temple.

Among the chapels, financed by wealthy local families such as the Aliaga and Matutano families, the chapel of Dolores, located at the foot, on the Epistle side, stands out, which was added after the church was renovated. It has a square floor plan, covered with a dome over a drum with eight windows of rococo decoration, which generates a brick dome on the exterior.

The set is completed with the plateresque doorway in semicircular arch, framed by attached fluted columns and an entablature whose frieze is decorated with vegetal reliefs. Above it there is a second body with three niches.

The tower, attached to the baroque chevet, has three sections, with a progressively decreasing ground plan.