Guijarro House Iglesuela del Cid

Palace of rectangular floor plan and four heights, built with high quality masonry and tile roof over double eaves of wood highly decorated.

On the first floor there is a semicircular arched doorway with large voussoirs, flanked by loopholes. In the first there is a balcony, made by enlarging an arched window, as well as a coat of arms on one side. The third floor has three windows with molded sills, central mullion and decorated woodwork of great interest. Finally, on the upper floor, over a masonry impost, there is a gallery of semicircular arches separated by an ashlar impost.

Under the eaves, in the corner, there is a recessed stone male head. On the Aliaga house On the opposite corner of the square, there is another male figurine, which according to popular tradition was placed to make fun of the Guijarro house.