La Cuba washhouse

In La Cuba there are two washhouse at the entrance of the village, which are not far from each other.

From the village you can take a pleasant walk to the recreational area, a place to sit and rest, drink fresh water. There you can visit the oldest and largest washhouse, called de la Fuentewhich consists of a fountain, a trough and a washhouse. On the fountain there is a small plaque commemorating the year of its construction, 1893. Recently a picnic area has also been set up in the surrounding area.

This washhouse was used for washing on one’s knees until 1965, when it was renovated and raised to make it more comfortable. In the same year, another washhouse was built very close to this one, on the same road, known as the Balsa Terna. Its waters came from another spring that flowed a little warmer, which may have given it its name. The Balsa Terna was always there, but as it was not used for irrigation, it was converted into a wash house. Access is difficult now, but back then there was a good road.