San Miguel Arcángel Church

The main façade of the Church of San Miguel Arcángel at La Cuba, it has an atrium formed by two large semicircular arches and two rectangular windows on both sides of a central niche. The tower is attached and located on the right side of the facade and the doorway appears inside the atrium. There is a dated coat of arms in the central vault. The interior has three naves and a transept: the central nave and the transept arms are covered with a half-barrel vault with lunettes, the side naves with vaults and the transept with a dome on pendentives. The arches rest on pilasters with highly decorated capitals and entablature that runs the length of the nave. They have rococo moldings and decorated keystones in all the vaults. The four evangelists are represented in high relief on the pendentives.

Of the original paintings, only a mural painting remains on the right side of the transept showing, inside a baroque baldachin, the Virgin of Pilar on the column flanked at the foot by two pilgrims with their own gourds and shells (they could be St. Roque and St. James).