Aliaga House Mirambel

This palatial building occupies the longest side of the Aliaga square. It is located on a corner and has three floors of high quality masonry and masonry.

On the first floor there is a doorway with a semicircular arch with large voussoirs; on the main floor there are four windows with molded sills, between which there is a sundial; and the upper floor is a gallery of semicircular arches. Finally, it has a double eave of decorated wood.

It is very similar to the Castellot house, which is located in the same square.

This family came from the house of Híjar. In 1461 the town of Aliaga was transferred from the domain of the Sanjuanistas to the house of Híjar, in the person of Don Juan Fernández de Híjar. Since then he must have taken the surname Aliaga, as lords of this town. Ferdinand the Catholic gave them the title of Dukes of Aliaga. They achieved great preponderance in these lands: they had domicile in Mosqueruela and built sumptuous dwellings in Mirambel and Iglesuela. At the time of settling in Mirambel they owned up to 36 farmhouses in the municipalities of Mosqueruela, Cantavieja, Tronchón, La Cuba (Mas de Moragues) and Mirambel.