Castellot Mirambel House

It is a characteristic Aragonese Renaissance palace, which occupies an entire front of the Plaza Aliaga. The façade concentrates all the signs of the high social status of the owner family. They are very classical facades, with a regular and balanced composition, distributed, as can be seen in the Castellot House, on three levels.

On the first floor there is a sober doorway with a semicircular arch. On the main floor the large windows are linteled with molded sills. Finally, the building closes with the characteristic gallery of semicircular arches under a double overhanging eave of carved wood. This house also has an interesting gallery on its side façade that opens to the exterior through a wide semicircular arch.

The origin of the Castellot family can be traced back to the year 1158, when Español de Castellot returned the castle of Castellot (Castellote) to King Alfonso II of Aragon and the king granted him continued tenancy of the castle. Several centuries later, the Castellot family demonstrated its power and social status in the region through this large residence in Mirambel.

Likewise, in this mansion and in others in Mirambel, it is possible to trace traces of the passage of the Carlists the locality, and the fact is that in the main houses the following were housed in the clerks with their horses, and still reads, written in sanguine, the rank of the lodger in each house and the number of horses.