Convent of the Augustinian Nuns

The convent was founded by four Augustinian nuns from the convent of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza in Valencia. On April 15, 1564, they took possession of the hermitage of Santa Catalina Mártir, which would become the church of the community. The old hospital annexed to the hermitage would also become part of the convent’s premises.

It was a very rich convent with abundant vocations from the best families in the area. She also contributed to the foundation of other female cloistered monasteries of the order in Morella (1595), Santa Monica in Zaragoza (1647), San Mateo (1590) and Ulldecona (1724).

Some of the most outstanding nuns were: Sister Ángela Martín, born in Mirambel; Magdalena de Palomar, born in Cantavieja; Mónica Taraçona, born in Tronchón; Isabel Aliaga from La Iglesuela and niece of Archbishop Isidoro Aliaga; Margarita Gil, born in Forcall, together with others also from noble families settled in Mirambel and the surrounding villages.

Today, part of the convent can be visited, especially the corridor of old cells, including the Mother Superior’s cell and the punishment cell.

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