Mirambel Town Hall

The town hall of Mirambel was conceived, according to the custom of the time in those towns that did not have arcaded squares, in a pure Renaissance style with a ground floor hall, an upper floor with linteled windows and a wide wooden eaves. It is located on a corner, with main and lateral facade, facing the church.

On the first floor of the main façade there are two large semicircular arches resting on Doric columns and half-columns, leading to the commodities exchange. The main one has three simple linteled windows with stone windowsills. Finally, the facade is topped by a wooden eave decorated with coffered ceilings, rosettes and carved corbels. Also noteworthy, almost in the corner, is a coat of arms with the date 1583.

The side facade is a continuation of the main facade. On the second floor there is a large semicircular arch that provides access to the commodities exchange and, on the second floor, a linteled window with an overhanging stone sill. The left side of the building has a simple door and a linteled window.

Inside, the prison is located on the first floor, with a window overlooking the commodities exchange, and the large plenary hall with windows on the upper floor.

Similar in composition are the municipality of Fortanete, that of Tronchón and that of Cañada de Benatanduz.