Mirambel Wall

The enclosure of Mirambel has a square shape, oriented according to the cardinal points. It is built in masonry, with ashlars reinforcing some of the corners and also in ashlars. Some towers have been preserved, although lowered in height, as in the so-called Bastion, as well as loopholes in several places. The north face is delimited by the wall and has two portals:

The Portal of Valerolocated to the northeast of the population and in a sparsely populated area and open directly to the valley, is inscribed in a cube of the wall of prismatic form and square plant. In this part the ashlar wall is very well preserved. The northwest end rises the emblematic Portal de las Monjas. This is one of the most outstanding points of the town, and the only road access to the town. Attached to the old convent of the Augustinian nuns, three floors of closed gallery with clay and plaster latticework give it a characteristic appearance. Outside the walls and on top of the arch there is an embrasure for access defense.

The enclosure on its western flank is less consolidated. It is flat land, and it is worth mentioning the large plot of land occupied by the Convent of the Augustinian Nuns.

The eastern flank is located in front of the river, in the steepest area and in this section the line of the wall runs exempt. This panoramic view is the most complete. The wall canvas is observed clean in the foreground and behind it the sills of the farmhouse can be seen as a finishing touch to the facades.

On the south flank there are three portals: of the Study, of the Church or also called the Fountain and of San Roque. The Portal of San Roque has a semicircular arch of ashlar masonry with large voussoirs towards the exterior and is lowered inside the walls. It is so named because it is located in front of this hermitage. In the Portal of the Fountainalso with a semicircular arch lowered towards the interior, there is a cross of the Order of San Juan carved in the exterior central voussoir. The Portal of the Studio is pointed outward and lowered inward. Inside the walls there is an enclosed cantilever with a large window with a wooden lattice that houses the chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin.

In this area, the most populated, the building rests on the wal forming the most urban front, where Casa Pastor stands out, whose base rest directly on the wall.