Santa Margarita Parish Church

It is a 17th century building, built over a medieval church, of which there are no remains, although there are documentary references to repairs and renovations carried out in 1308 and 1423.

On September 12, 1679 there is an agreement among the neighbors to build a new church over the previous church. In 1836, during the first Carlist war, the church was burned, including its main altarpiece, being rebuilt a few years later.

It is a rectangular temple built in masonry except for the façade and the tower, which are of ashlar masonry. It has a nave with side chapels between large walls.

The most interesting element is the tower, with a square bell tower, with semicircular openings between pilasters on large medallions at the level of the imposts. It is topped with a railing and an octagonal upper body crowned by an ashlar dome with a weather vane. The 17th century façade also stands out on the outside.