School recovered

In 1816, a girls’ school was established in a room in the convent-owned Mandada house, which is still preserved. This school was for girls from the town, but, if there was enough space, girls from outside the town could attend, choosing the poorest and neediest. Originally, the nuns were the teachers, with a rigorous protocol for the beginning and end of classes, so as not to break the enclosure. In 1858, it was agreed to rebuild the demolished building called La Cofradía” to house the children’s school on Main Street.

Later, the school would occupy a new building in front of the Portal del Estudio, outside the walls, which still preserves the inscription: ESCUELA DE NIÑOS” (CHILDREN’ SCHOOL). Today, in what used to be the sacristy of the convent, the furniture and equipment of the children’s school is on display, including the abacus and the teacher’s table.