Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves

It is a construction that combines late Gothic and Renaissance styles. Although it uses ribbed vaults inherited from the Gothic, its unitary spatial conception is typical of the Renaissance, as are some of its elements, such as the portico.

It has a simple floor plan with a polygonal chevet and a single nave with three bays and small chapels between the buttresses.

The interior is completely covered with stucco and classicist paintings and has a choir loft at the foot, where the old organ case is preserved. The tower, built in ashlar masonry, is attached to the foot of the temple. A spiral staircase carved in stone, the volume of which is visible from the outside on the east wall of the tower, runs along the last two sections of the tower.

The base of the tower consists of a porch, open on three sides in pointed arches resting on thick pillars and covered by a starry vault under which is the front of the church, in which there are still appreciable remains of polychrome.

A complex system of passages formed by lowered arches resting on thick columns starts from the colonnade. One of them connects the church with the town hall through an L-shaped hall. Meanwhile, the second one, in a bend, connects with the Cierzo gate and the upper part of the town.