Miravete Cross

It is a boundary cross that has undergone several modifications since its original construction in the 15th century. Its original location was the royal road that linked Villarroya de los Pinares and Aliaga as it passed through Miravete, next to the Guadalope River. It was destroyed in 1936, except for the coronation cross, which was kept by the neighbors. In 1953 it was rebuilt about two hundred meters from its original location on the side of the road between Villarroya and Aliaga, where the peiron of San Roque used to stand.

At present it is composed of the following parts: base with two steps, pedestal, cement column and cross. Only the cross remains from the medieval stone cross, which has now been replaced by a replica, since the original is kept in the town hall. This cross, sculpted in limestone, is the most valuable element since it is a sample of Gothic style with great artistic value. The cross starts from a sculpted base with the representation of several angels. At the bottom of the cross we find the twelve apostles. The cross is decorated on both sides with figurative, vegetal and architectural motifs. On one side is Jesus crucified, with the Virgin and St. John at his feet. The other depicts the Virgin and child accompanied by four musical angels.