The Dinosaur Track Road

TheDinosaur Tracks Road (The Dinosaur Tracks Road) is a route coined by paleontologists of the Dinópolis Foundation in 2011. It runs mainly along the A-228, TE-V-8001, A-226 and TE-V-8010 roads for about 50 km, passing through the municipalities of El Castellar, Galve, Cedrillas, El Pobo, Aguilar del Alfambra, Ababuj and Camarillas.

An alternative route has also been added that passes through the Geological Park of Aliaga and a site in Miravete de la Sierra.

At Miravete de la Sierra we find a site of dinosaur footprints. It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2003 and is characterized mainly by the presence of sauropod dinosaur ichnites (quadrupeds, plant eaters with long necks and tails). During the year 2022, the Foundation carried out maintenance, conservation and improvement work on the ichnites in one of its outcrops.

In addition, new museographic elements have been installed at the site, which can be reached via a moderately difficult 300-meter-long path that starts in the village (near the Guadalope River). Specifically, information panels have been placed at the starting point of the route and at the site itself. Also, along the trail, directional signs have been installed with small lecterns containing basic information about the ichnites of this site, located in the Maestrazgo Cultural Park-UNESCO World Geopark.

The main objective is to integrate into a route the municipalities where the excavation and adaptation of sites has been promoted, where, in addition, there are other points of paleontological interest. It has been designed to be able to travel in a circular way starting or ending in Teruel with a visit to Dinópolis.