Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves

The church, of great importance in the urban layout of the nucleus, opens onto two squares, the Mayor and the Town Hall, contributing to the configuration of a space in which public and religious buildings are organized hierarchically.

The church has a single nave with three bays with open chapels on the Gospel side and joined as a lateral nave, while on the Epistle side there is a single chapel and access to the sacristy next to the chancel. The east-facing chevet is polygonal and is covered with a ribbed vault, which in the nave becomes a simple ribbed vault with carved keystones.

The interior is very sober and balanced. The illumination penetrates through oculi perforated in each of the sections of the southern wall. At the foot of the nave there is a high choir, closed at the front by a stone balcony. The doorways, located on the west (at the foot of the building) and south (epistle side) walls are, like the rest of the church, Gothic style.

The masonry is of ashlar and presents powerful buttresses, in addition to a parapet at the top, perhaps defensive, since this church belonged to the order of Calatrava.

The tower is a free-standing construction, located a few meters from the church, above the Pueyo de Ambasaguas. It has four floors, the first two of which are square in plan and made of masonry with ashlars at the corners, while the two upper floors are octagonal in plan and made of brick. The tower does not share style with the church, since it is later, but it takes advantage of the remains of some construction that must have belonged to the Calatravan castle. Next to it is the small hermitage of the Virgen de la Soledad.