Crystal Caves

The Grutas de Cristal (Crystal Caves) belong to the set of natural jewels” of Maestrazgo. Located in Molinos, they are the best example of the magnificent limestone subsoil of the region. It consists of two main cavities connected to each other and to the exterior by ducts and passages that bridge a total height difference of about 12 meters. Upstairs, the Sala de Cristal (Crystal Room) opens. Further down is the Sala Marina (Marine Room), where coral-like crystallizations of calcite form a unique underwater-like decoration.

When the main cave was discovered in 1961, it was called de las Graderas, because of the steps that the limestone strata formed at its entrance, now hidden under the stairs built to facilitate the visit. In 1978 it was opened for tourism under the name of Grutas de Cristal (Crystal Caves), due to the delicacy of its formations.


How to get there

From the village of Molinos there is a signposted track. Following the signs you will arrive at the parking lot of the Grutas. To visit the Grutas de Cristal consult opening dates, schedules and prices at

You can tour the around the Grottoes touring the tourist trail SL-TE 28 Grutas de Cristal – Cueva de Baticambras. This begins at the parking lot of the Grutas de Cristal and runs along the road until it enters the Baticambras ravine, to reach the foot of the cave of the same name. (3.2 km round trip)).

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