Museum of Formations

The visit to the Grutas de Cristal (Crystal Caves) offers a multitude of sensations and one of them is during the visit to the Museum of the Crystal Formations. Museum of the Formations. The absence of light sharpens the senses, it is the moment to feel the cave.

Upon leaving, it is time to reflect on all these sensations. In an environment of light and warmth, you can enjoy an artistic replica of the diversity of speleothems that have been observed in the cave. Among the replicated formations we will find a disc, a wash, columns, eccentric stalactites, coral formations and flags.

It is the Museum of Formations, which is located in the center of Molinos, in the building of the new washhouse. This same building also has a securityAnother complementary activity is the audiovisual room, with capacity for 50 people, where you can enjoy a documentary about the Crystal Caves and another about the village of Molinos.

In the Museum of the Formations you can also see replicas of bats and other complementary information on various information panels.