San Nicolás ravine and hermitage. San Miguel Bridge

The waters of the San Nicolás ravine run through the town. Right next to the hermitage of the same name, they fall into the void, giving rise to an impressive corner in the middle of the town.

The small bridge of San Miguel, which crosses the ravine, gives access to the town to vehicular traffic and pedestrians. It currently has a single semicircular arched opening, resting directly on the rock of the ravine. It is built in ashlar stone with voussoirs in the arch. A metal railing protects the limits of the bridge and allows a quiet observation of this spectacular place.

The hermitage of San Nicolás is mentioned in the pastoral visit of November 29, 1601. No reference to its construction is made in the quotation, so it is likely that it was built much earlier. Its medieval origin could also be assumed by some elements of the facade that do not fit in a hermitage of new plant of baroque style.

It is a square hermitage with a high choir at the foot. It is of great height and the transept is covered with a spherical cap vault opened to the exterior by small windows. The facade, decorated with a very sober and classic language, has a linteled door on pilasters of little relief and a niche in the upper part. The roof and the belfry have been recently renovated. It has no use or worship.

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