Church of Santa Maria Magdalena

The Church of Santa María Magdalena was built in two phases. In a first construction phase from the mid-16th century to 1600, the church was built and, in the second phase at the end of the 18th century, the tower was built. The church is of Gothic-Renaissance style, consisting of a wide nave of four sections with side chapels between the buttresses and polygonal apse. To cover the whole complex and as corresponds to this typology, star-shaped vaults were used, even in the sacristy.

Within the group of Gothic-Renaissance churches in the province of Teruel, three stand out for their size: the church of Villarroya de los Pinares,the church of Miraveteand this one in Tronchón.

It has two façades: the main one, on the Gospel side, dated 1600, and the other, much simpler, at the foot of the church. The tower, also at the foot, has four ashlar bodies: the first three are octagonal, with pilasters that run the entire height with powerful entablatures and balustrade separating the bodies. The date 1797 appears on an ashlar.

The interior of the church houses a good number of altarpieces from the XVII and XVIII centuries, something quite exceptional in a region that, due to the frequent conflicts, preserves its churches practically naked.

If you want to see inside, contact the tourist office in Tronchón and arrange a visit.