Palace of the Marquis of Valdeolivo and other houses of Tronchón

Tronchón has in its streets several houses belonging to the wealthy families of the town. The Casa del Santo, the Casa rectoral, and the Casa Monforte stand out.

The Palacio de los Marqueses de Valdeolivo, a magnificent example of palatial architecture, stands out among them, with its three-storey ashlar façade.

The main doorway on the first floor has a semicircular arch with large voussoirs and a secondary door with a segmental arch. It has windows with molded sills and the carpentry is decorated. It is topped with double eaves of carved wood, in very good condition.

Built in the 17th century, it is known that on October 19, 1710, during the War of Succession, it was sacked by Captain Sorrivas. At that time the palace belonged to Gaspar Miró. Gaspar Miró’s father married the daughter of Miguel Colás de Tronchón, whose family owns the coat of arms on the façade.

It has recently been converted into a rural tourism house, although its remodeling has respected both the distribution and the interior elements.

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