Tronchón Castle and old school

It stood at one end of the town, on some cliffs, visible from the back of the town and from the road. Nowadays, there are few remains on the site called “the castle”, the remains are limited to the canvases next to the church, behind the so-called Casa del Médico (Doctor’s House).

A house was built on the part of the lot facing the town square. It is possible that the façade of the house was that of the castle, with a semicircular arched doorway and a one-slope roof.

On the site occupied by the castle, the old school was old schoolnowadays rehabilitated in the same space it used to occupy. In Tronchón in 1845 there was already an elementary school attended by 60 children. It is known that at the beginning of the 20th century the school was located in this same place, although later a building of its own was constructed that still maintains its exterior appearance intact in the Plaza del Collado. This school gathers an important set of didactic materials: the wooden capacity measuring cubes and weights, two boxes of minerals by Lluís Soler Pujol from the 1920s and four maps of the parts of the planisphere from 1894.

Manuel Ayora Piquer was born in Tronchón in 1910. He studied teaching at the Escuela Normal de Teruel and obtained a teaching position in his town shortly before the war broke out and he had to go into exile in France. He wrote articles on pedagogy in magazines such as El Faro and La República.