Tronchón Hospital

The hospital of Tronchón was converted a few years ago into a hostel, without straying too far from the function for which it was created: to assist the poor, transients and pilgrims. At the time of its renovation, it had a valuable trousseau, consisting of three chests full of textiles: blankets, towels, linen shirts for men and women, and an important set of tableware of different styles and periods. In addition, there were several stretchers, a brass bathtub, spittoons and urinals. Everything necessary to care for the people who, until shortly before the Civil War, stayed there or received some kind of treatment.

This hospital, already existing in the 16th century, was dedicated to San Nicolás, like the one in Alcañiz, which was the most important in the region. It was located in its own building, whose distribution has been distorted by its new uses. Although it still preserves its entrance intact, with a part protected from the rain by a huge cane eave. Hospital care was provided by a hospitalero or hospitalera and, on occasion, by a married couple. They were in charge of cleaning, watching and cooking. As for health care, in Tronchón it was probably provided by the doctor and surgeon who served the rest of the population.