Tronchón Portals

The old town of Tronchón would have been enclosed by a wall and several gates, of which three remain.

The portal of San Miguel is the main access to the town. It was probably a large voussoir door, but these voussoirs were cut to allow vehicles to enter the interior. It is integrated in a house of popular construction with beautiful balconies to the interior.

Portal del Val. Of this small portal, located in front of the Town Hall, only the voussoirs of the semicircular arch itself remain. It gives the exit to the road that would lead to Villarluengo.

Santa Barbara Chapel Portal. This chapel was built over a gate of the old wall. It is a construction of square plant that outside the walls presents a blind wall with semicircular arch of ashlar masonry, being to the interior lowered. The main façade, with superimposed semicircular arches and a lateral staircase leading to the chapel, is located inside the walls.